Link Exchange

We are open for relevant link exchange and offer such niches as celebrity, softcore phot and video, as well as between celebrity blogs, index pages link exchange and internal pages.

Index pages link exchange.

For index pages link exchange we use schemes A-B-C and A-B-C-D. We use special script Link Organizer to manage and maintain links automatically.

Use contract form with details about the link exchange services you would like to receive. Specify your sites where you plan to place our links and preferred link exchange scheme.

Internal Pages link exchange.

There are over 10.000 pages devoted to various world celebrities available. All the pages are filled with unique content and indexed by search engines.

For your links to appear on our pages they must be also indexed by search engines.

You need to provide the list of your links according to the following pattern:
URL|Celebrity Name|Description

And send it to us in a text file (sitename_links.txt) together with the description of link exchange scheme you are interested in using our contact form. We will get back with our counter offer and the list of our links.